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Lecturers seek rights to be recognised as workers

Most recently,  art educators to the National Gallery to court and sought to be recognised as employees instead of freelance workers. This is a landmark case which has shifted the spotlight on the gig economy now into the realms of the public sector.  The case A group of 27 artists and art lecturers were dismissed … Read more

Hermes Couriers are Workers not Self Employed

Recently an employment tribunal ruled that a group of courier workers for the delivery company Hermes are to be treated as workers instead of self-employed. The tribunal in Leeds decided that the drivers must also be entitled to basic rights of employment like national minimum wages and holiday pay. The decision The lawyers Leigh Day … Read more

Unconscious bias led to unfair dismissal by the NHS

  How can you be sure that your organisation follows a discrimination free decision making? A well updated equality and diversity policy manual, a fully trained workforce? But are these enough? Irrespective of the best efforts of employer, sometimes discrimination cases are unavoidable.  A survey collated over the last 5 years, has found that while … Read more

Proposals for better Protection during Pregnancy, Maternity, and Family leave

The government of UK has recently passed an increase in protection for parents, especially pregnant women and new mothers.  Women and Equalities committee asked for greater rights and protection for pregnant women and women on maternity leave back in 2016. It highlighted that since 2005, that the number of  mothers and pregnant women forced to … Read more

EU Employment law to be reviewed by Parliament post Brexit

During her time as Prime Minister, Teresa May, has said that Parliament will decide the appropriate rules regarding employment instead of accepting the EU changes automatically post Brexit.  She supported this position in her statement, “When it comes to workers’ rights, this Parliament has set world-leading standards and will continue to do so in the … Read more

New employment tribunal compensation figures in effect from 6 April 2019 

  The annual increase in compensation figures applicable to certain UK based employment tribunal claims have now been disclosed and come into effect from April 2019. There will be a significant increase in maximum compensation awarded by ET in an ordinary unfair dismissal claim along with maximum weekly wage figures to calculate the entitlement for … Read more

UK Workplace Rights Are Upgraded

The government has introduced what it claims to be the “largest upgrade to workers’ rights in a generation”. It’s important for employees to know what are the new improved rights. These rights include: A strengthening of the Employment Agency Standard Inspectorate with new powers and allowances to impose penalties on employers who breach employment laws. … Read more

Hotel staff entitled to a statement of rights after the first month

A recent ruling of the Employment Appeal Tribunal has caused what law experts believe to be a ‘revolutionary’ change for sectors of staff with high turnovers. The case of three hotel workers who were employed by Maritime Hotel in Portland, Dorset, part of Maritime Hotels Ltd around the period of April 21st, 2016 who were … Read more

Government’s Criminal Record Scheme is rejected by the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has ruled in favour of three people who claimed their lives were negatively affected by minor criminal convictions in their past. The judges found the manner in which criminal records are disclosed to employers infringed human rights. The outcome means the government will now have to consider reform of the system. According … Read more

How Employment Tribunals Work?

Employment tribunals are legal hearings between an employee, or employees, and an employer to resolve disputes about employment rights. The majority of all legal cases about employment are heard in employment tribunals. Cases such as unfair dismissal, redundancy and discrimination. There are also many other sorts of claim that can be brought to the employment … Read more