Definition For ‘Unfavourable’ Treatment With Regards To Disability Discrimination

  The Supreme Court has recently held that ‘unfavourable’ treatment is different from ‘detriment,’ especially in claims for discrimination arising from a disability. This, in turn, stirred a new discussion about what is the correct definition of ‘unfavourable’ treatment, when it comes to disability discrimination.     In the Williams v Trustees of Swansea University Pension … Read more

Tribunal finds police discriminated against white heterosexual male

In the much debated case, Cheshire police force rejected a potential employee just because he was white.  The recruit was a well prepared candidate but was discriminated against because he was a heterosexual male.  Son of a detective inspector in Cheshire Police, Matthew Furlong applied to join the police force, at the age of 23, … Read more

Tribunal Finds Gay Head Teacher Suffered Discrimination

An employer’s unreasonable behaviour can lead to discrimination found the employment tribunal in the case of Tywyn Primary School vs Aplin.  Background It was heard that Mr. Aplin, a 42-year-old gay head teacher, indulged in consensual sex with two 17-year-old males who he met online on a gay dating website. Following an investigation by the … Read more

The Rise of an Intellectual Culture giving Respectability to Racism

How can we say humanity is at the furthest it has ever gone in terms of advancement, progress and knowledge and yet with such mental resilience find reasons without concrete fact that is universally applicably like gravity to racism? How do you for the quest for knowledge throw away consideration for your fellow man? Scruton, … Read more

Increased Redundancy Protection for New Mums

Many women in their respective workplaces have at one time or the other faced gender discrimination. Further, they might also have suffered sex discrimination but may also have experienced racial and gender discrimination and this also may be compounded with age discrimination. Recent reports have highlighted how women are being treated unfairly at their respective … Read more

Nursery that sacked teacher for living with boyfriend wins appeal against religious discrimination

The decision of a Watford employment tribunal in the case of Miss De Groen vs Gan Menachem Hendon Nursery which ruled that Ms De Groen was discriminated against by her employers (Gan Menachem Hendon Nursery) based on her sex and religious belief has been upturned by the Employment Appeal Tribunal. Problems started when Ms De … Read more

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