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Tribunal finds police discriminated against white heterosexual male

In the much debated case, Cheshire police force rejected a potential employee just because he was white.  The recruit was a well prepared candidate but was discriminated against because he was a heterosexual male.  Son of a detective inspector in Cheshire Police, Matthew Furlong applied to join the police force, at the age of 23, … Read more

The Rise of an Intellectual Culture giving Respectability to Racism

How can we say humanity is at the furthest it has ever gone in terms of advancement, progress and knowledge and yet with such mental resilience find reasons without concrete fact that is universally applicably like gravity to racism? How do you for the quest for knowledge throw away consideration for your fellow man? Scruton, … Read more

Racism in the Workplace has a long way still to go

A research conducted by Professor Anthony Heath of Nuffield College in Oxford has found out that a significant number of minority ethnic applicants send out 60% more resumes to even get a call for job interview. The research results have been compared with data that dates back to 1967. The research excluding factors, like education … Read more

All you need to know about Racial Discrimination – Infographic

Racial discrimination is when a person of a particular race is treated less favourably than another person of a different race in a similar situation. This type of discrimination can be based on colour, descent, nationality, ethnic origin or immigrant status. Types of Racial Discrimination There are two types of racial discrimination: Direct discrimination This … Read more