Increased Redundancy Protection for New Mums

Many women in their respective workplaces have at one time or the other faced gender discrimination. Further, they might also have suffered sex discrimination but may also have experienced racial and gender discrimination and this also may be compounded with age discrimination. Recent reports have highlighted how women are being treated unfairly at their respective … Read more

Pregnancy and Maternity discrimination in United Kingdom – Infographic

What is Pregnancy Discrimination? It refers to a situation where you’re given less priority than other employees because you’re pregnant. For example, An employer treats you unfairly just because you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or because you’ve recently given birth. In such a case, you may be believed to be discriminated against. The Equality Act 2010 According … Read more

Greater Protection for Pregnant Women. Will it Make a Difference?

It is not news that pregnant women and parents, who are returning to work following parental leave, are often a victim of discrimination in various forms. A new law proposed by the UK government, pregnant women and new parents will now receive greater protection from redundancy and other forms of discriminations. The government has proposed … Read more

March of the Mummies – Call for better rights for mothers and parents

On 31st October 2017 parents took to the streets in 6 cities across the UK to demand recognition, respect and change for working parents. Organised by the campaign group Pregnant then Screwed, the protestors made 6 demands: Increase the time limit to submit a tribunal claim for maternity and parental leave discrimination from three months … Read more

Your pregnancy rights

What are your pregnancy rights in the workplace? Pregnant employees have the right to be treated the same as other employees in the workplace. They should not be discriminated against because of their pregnancy. UK law has given protection to pregnant employees by providing pregnant employee rights which aim to prevent pregnancy discrimination. Employees have been given … Read more