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One in Four People would not Hire a Disable Person

There is much discussion around the increasing rate of unemployment, the employability status of the population should also be considered. Employability is the ability of people in the population to possess the required skill set and experience to practically handle a form of business or job. Some of the population are employable but registered disabled. … Read more

What to do if you don’t Receive your Maternity Rights #KnowYourRights

Parenthood is one of the most exciting phases in our lives. It changes the outlook and priority of life and offers a fresh perspective. Women go through various physical and emotional changes during pregnancy. It can be one of the happiest, and sometimes, stressful periods of her life. This stress is amplified for working women … Read more

Why Diversity and Inclusion is Important in Workplace – Infographic

Implementing diversity and inclusion in the workplace is not just a trend – it has tangible and direct benefits. Organisations with greater workplace diversity are considered to outperform their competitors and gain higher profits! What is diversity in the workplace? It means a company employs people with different characteristics, age, religion, gender, cultural background, religion, … Read more

Pregnancy and Maternity discrimination in United Kingdom – Infographic

What is Pregnancy Discrimination? It refers to a situation where you’re given less priority than other employees because you’re pregnant. For example, An employer treats you unfairly just because you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or because you’ve recently given birth. In such a case, you may be believed to be discriminated against. The Equality Act 2010 According … Read more

Pregnant then screwed campaign to prevent pregnancy dismissal NDAS

Pregnant then Screwed runs a mentoring scheme for women who want to take legal action against their employers. Their goal is to ensure fair treatment for all women in the workplace. Their recent campaign was launched to provide more consideration for current and expectant mothers. Women often face discriminative and detrimental treatment from employers whilst … Read more

Are you Pregnant or a New Mum? Know your rights?

Usually, when a working woman discovers she is pregnant, her thoughts are focused on the growth and development of her baby rather than her employment rights. Yet, when a pregnant woman is working it’s a worthwhile exercise understanding her entitlement. It is important to know your rights when pregnant Joeli Brearley founded the charity – … Read more

Racism in the Workplace has a long way still to go

A research conducted by Professor Anthony Heath of Nuffield College in Oxford has found out that a significant number of minority ethnic applicants send out 60% more resumes to even get a call for job interview. The research results have been compared with data that dates back to 1967. The research excluding factors, like education … Read more

New Laws to Protect Workers from Sexual Harassment

According to recent reports, the government has decided to introduce revised codes of practice in order to control sexual harassment cases in workplaces. Politicians are advised to create the new laws at the earliest to protect workers. The WEC – Women and Equalities Committee welcomes the initiative which focussed on not just creating new laws … Read more