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New Legal Measures to Protect Workers from Misuse of Non-Disclosure Agreements

Non-disclosure agreements are fast becoming methods employers make use of when they plan on silencing whistleblowers or when paying off employees for unfair dismissal. Due to the increase in abuse and misuse of NDA, new laws are being implemented in order to protect employees from the misuse of NDAs. Among the new legal measures being … Read more

Social Media at Work

Social media is a term often used for Internet based tools which are used on tablets, smartphones and laptops to enable people to stay connected with each other all over the world by enabling them to interact with each other. This allows people to share ideas, views and information. The evolution of social media has … Read more

What are Non-Disclosure Agreements?

A non-disclosure agreement can also be known as a ‘’gagging order” or “hush agreement”. Non Disclosure Agreements are a contract, or a part of a contract between two parties. These contracts are designed to prevent parties, which can include employees, or ex-employees, from making confidential information public. These can be termed as confidentiality clauses, in … Read more

Bigotry is not a Legal Right

An Employment Tribunal in the UK has discovered that people who express ‘non-PC’ views at workplace cannot expect to claim their right to such beliefs in the context of employment equality. A UK based Employment Tribunal – ET has rejected the claim for unfair dismissal by an ex-senior lecturer at the University of Lincoln. The … Read more

Norfolk Police Lose Disability Discrimination Hearing

The case of between Norfolk Constabulary and Coffey for claim of direct disability discrimination based on perceived disability has been upheld at an Employment Appeal Tribunal. The facts Mrs Lisa Coffey, the claimant, was previously working for Wiltshire Constabulary. She applied for a promotion for the post of police constable in 2011. This required her … Read more

Key Changes to Employment Law in 2019 – United Kingdom

In terms of employment law, the year 2018 was quite a busy year, but 2019 also has some big changes in store. From gender pay gap reporting to huge claims of sexual harassment in the workplace, 2018 saw various precedent changing cases appaear before employment tribunals. 2019, will see significant changes underpinned by the ongoing … Read more

How has Brexit impacted employment law?

What is the current position? As of now, April 2019, nothing has changed. Present legislations and case laws continue to apply. What changes will there be to employment law on Brexit? Whether UK can quit from current European law requirements in the future or not will totally depend on future relationship with Europe. There may … Read more