Are there changes ahead for flexible working?

What is flexible working? Flexible working is a kind of working pattern which differs from your existing work pattern. These differences can be on the basis of working arrangements and hence, may include the following: Changing from full time work to part time Changes in part time working hours, for instance, working on weekends to … Read more

Brexit Disruption Is A Massive Threat To Employment Laws

David Davis, Brexit Secretary (at the time of writing), has indicated that existing employment law would not be drastically changed following Brexit. He did this by blogging, “Empirical studies show that it is not employment regulation that stultifies economic growth… Britain has a relatively flexible workforce, and so long as employment law environment stays reasonably … Read more

Parliament under fire by unions over EU employment law

During the negotiations around Britain’s exit from the European Union (Brexit), some modifications have been proposed by the British government. The Prime Minister at the time, Theresa May, stated that following a successful Brexit, instead of automatically accepting EU changes and adopting their laws based on interrelations, the Parliament will get to discuss and eventually … Read more

Mental Health and Physical Health should be treated equally

Health and safety regulations dictate that there are first aid boxes easily accessible within a workplace. However, there are no mental first aid boxes. There is a disparity between physical health and mental health. There are designated parking spaces for the disabled and societal empathy and sympathy, for physically challenged individuals or those with obvious … Read more

Employers must check EU citizens’ right to work in UK post Brexit

UK employers have been saddled with what they are referring to as an “impossible” task given to them by the Home Office to identify European Union citizens through rigorous investigation, who are eligible or entitled to work in the United Kingdom post Brexit. With the Brexit in view, complications arise which has everyone confused as … Read more

How UK’s new Employment Laws can increase worker Financial Security

Recently, there has been increased focus in the UK on new laws that protect workers and employees. Employment laws and policies have found a balance between providing flexibility, whilst providing workers protection. In December 2018, the UK government unveiled The Good Work Plan, a direct and carefully detailed strategy that would focus on strengthening workers’ … Read more