‘No jab, no job’ problematic for UK bosses

Employers will face challenges from staff over ‘no jab no job’ vaccine policies. Following the removal of lockdown restrictions this time last month, many employers are struggling with the legal minefield surrounding vaccination policies in bringing staff safely back to the workplace. When restrictions were lifted, the government left the onus on employers to carry … Read more

Are Employers Failing Female Staff When It Comes To The Menopause?

Menopause related claims increasing. Judging by the increase in Employment Tribunal cases citing the menopause as the cause of complaint, the answer seems to be a resounding yes. Between 2018 and 2020 the number of claimants making reference to the menopause at tribunal tripled, with this year’s statistics looking at continuing on an upward trajectory. … Read more

What are the legal implications of mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for care staff?

Mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations. Whilst it has become common practice for employers to include ‘no jab, no job’ clauses in their employment contracts for new employees, mandating compulsory COVID-19 vaccinations for existing frontline care home staff could cause significant problems for employers in the sector. Already open to potential legal challenges of detrimental treatment or discrimination, … Read more

Health and safety protection extended for workers

New Employment Rights Act order provides additional health and safety protection to workers. As of the 31st of May 2021 workers will now benefit from additional health and safety protection that previously only applied to employees, thanks to an amendment to the Employment Rights Act 1996. Under the Employment Rights Act 1996 (Protection from Detriment … Read more

Complete Employee Guide to Continuity of Employment/Length of Service – May 2020

Tom Street’s 10 point Employee Guide to Continuity of Employment/Length of Service UPDATED May 2020 How long you’ve worked for your employer (continuity of employment) is quite a fundamental point when it comes to the application of employment law. For example, you only gain certain statutory rights if you have been employed for a particular … Read more

Whistleblowing claims double in a year

  In 2018 the outcome of a range of UK employment law cases may have long term implications for whistle-blowers and their employers.    Employees can be held liable personally for dismissal and other detriment   According to the Court of Appeal in the case of Timis and Sage vs Osipov, the personal liability of … Read more

Are there changes ahead for flexible working?

What is flexible working? Flexible working is a kind of working pattern which differs from your existing work pattern. These differences can be on the basis of working arrangements and hence, may include the following: Changing from full time work to part time Changes in part time working hours, for instance, working on weekends to … Read more

Brexit Chaos for Business

Uncertainty is one way of preventing growth and the lack of conclusive decisions creates an atmosphere of commercial gambling and the uncertainty generated as a result of Brexit has left many businesses stagnant. According to a survey carried out, 36 percent of CEOs and CFOs said Brexit is at least one of the top three … Read more