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Closing the Gender Pay Gap will take Centuries

It is still a hot debate – does the gender pay gap exist? Despite the Equality Act 2010 many women are severely disadvantaged – working the same jobs and yet are paid less than their male counterparts. It’s a complex situation with statistics saying different things; some show that women are being paid less with … Read more

Should my Employer Report Ethnicity Pay Gaps?

In February 2017, the Government published an Independent review by Baroness McGregor-Smith considering the issues affecting black and minority ethnic (BME) groups in the workplace. The review titled: Race in the workplace stated that no employer can be honest enough to say that they are trying to improve the ethnic diversity in a workplace unless … Read more

Tesco Equal Pay Claim

The gender pay gap has become one of the biggest battlegrounds in recent times, threatening to disrupt both private and public sectors in the UK. One of the biggest casualties of this upheaval is Tesco, the largest supermarket chain in the country. According to reports, Tesco could pay up to £4bn in terms of back … Read more

Gender pay gap reporting: Why have so few revealed their data so far?

In a bid to narrow the gender pay gap (the difference between the pay of male and female employees) the government introduced legislation requiring all employers with over 250 staff to publish details of their pay gap by March or April 2018. Recently released figures show that only 85 of a possible 9000 organisations have … Read more

Equal Pay – Do Women Ask?

September 2016 has seen the publication of a research paper by Warwick University entitled “Do Women Ask?”  It attempts to explore one of the possible explanations for the failure of the gender pay gap to disappear or even narrow despite 40 years having passed since the Equal Pay Act hit the statute books.  It considers … Read more