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Prince William thinks more support should be available for Mental Health Issues at Work

During a recent speech in Switzerland, HRH Prince William got candid about his own mental health issues after having children and also urged employers to support mental wellbeing of their employees. He said, it should not be difficult to go and talk to managers and human resource managers. It is important that bosses set an … Read more

Fixed Term Employment Contracts

A fixed term employment contract is between an employer and an employee, in an agreement where the employee works for a fixed period of time or a contract that ends on the completion of a specific task, or at a fixed date sufficiently describes a fixed term contract (FTC). This type of agreement has its … Read more

What does no deal mean for worker rights in the UK?

Many European Countries have united to shore up the rights of British workers in the light of “no deal” Brexit as the deadline looms closer. This is followed by an appeal by EU to member states to consider taking a more considered approach in this scenario. While the British government has assured rights of European … Read more

Workplace Temperature

As a worker or employee, it is important to note that your welfare and working conditions are of high priority and it should be taken into consideration by your employer in order to maintain a motivated working environment and to ensure maximum productivity at work. One element that should be regarded as top priority is … Read more

Agency Workers – What you Need to Know

An agency worker, by definition, is one who has a contract with an agency, but he/she works temporarily for an employer. An agency worker is also called a temp. When you work, the employer can tell you how you should do your work. Here are things that apply to you if you are an agency … Read more

What is Workplace Monitoring?

Do your employers monitor your activities whilst you are working? Believe it or not, it is their right. As per the law, employers have the right to monitor workers. They can monitor the workplace in the following ways: by opening mail or email by recording on CCTV cameras by using software to check email by … Read more

Employee’s Statutory Rights Summarised

With the United Kingdom there are specific laws and regulation to protect the rights of the employees and employers. These laws ensure the fair treatment of all the employees and also define their rights throughout their period of employment. These regulations are known as the statutory rights. Previously, discrimination was common. People were treated differently … Read more

Snow your rights!

Snow and ice hit bring parts of the UK to a stand still every year. Blizzards and extreme winter conditions essentially makes it difficult to get to work, at times, even impossible. This is why, it is important to be aware of your rights when it comes to going to work in extreme weather. So … Read more

Is your Work Responsible for your Happiness?

Recently, mental health awareness has been given greater attention in the media with the support of ambassadors such as HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry. Past research has revealed that more than 48% of workers are affected by mental health problems every year and it is the leading cause of sick leave absences. It … Read more

Christmas Temporary Staff #KnowYourRights

In the build up to Christmas with the seasonal festivities in full swing, employers often need to boost their staffing requirements and bring temporary staff on board to handle the increased workload. Temporary workers are employed on a short-term basis for specific job roles. Seasonal workers or those working through the holidays, need to be … Read more