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Are Gagging Orders a Good Idea?

A gagging order is basically a freely used term for privacy injunction. It can be an order granted by high court to restrict an information about a person or company being broadcasted or published. There can be various levels of gagging orders. For example, the names of the parties can be withheld but the information … Read more

Do Employers have a Right to Refuse Evidence at a Misconduct Tribunal?

The much discussed case of Hargreaves vs Manchester Grammar serves as a useful reminder for employers of the importance of a well conducted and responsible investigation, especially where the employee in question is facing consequences which may alter his career due to said allegations. In this case, the Employment Tribunal decided that it was reasonable … Read more

Employers Need to Protect their Employees against Data Loss

In July 2013, a begrudged Morrisons employee, who posted staff data on the internet was jailed for eight years and found guilty of fraud. Andrew Skelton, 43, leaked details of nearly 100,000 supermarket staff following an accusation of dealing in legal highs at work. He tried to cover his tracks by setting up a fake … Read more

Court of Appeal overturns National Minimum Wage rules for Sleep in workers

Over the past decade, EAT decisions appeared to have established that a myriad of sleep-in workers were liable to be paid minimum wages for every hour of their shift spent in the organisation, including the hours when they are asleep. In a recent case this year, the court of Appeal rejected the rule, stating that … Read more

Social Media and Employment

In recent years, social media has evolved to become the voice of the masses. Whether it is joy, fun, anguish, disinterest, or even dislike, individuals find solace after posting what they feel, on social media. Normally, such emotional outbursts are fine as long as they do not come into direct conflict with anyone or anything. … Read more

Guide to Employer Relocation Rights

Nowadays, companies may relocate for a number of reasons, for instance, consolidating properties to shift two workforces into one place after a merger, leveraging cheaper overheads, or even setting up regional offices in a bid to expand their market. Amidst all this, employees and workers are increasingly expected to keep focus at the workplace as … Read more