Why Diversity and Inclusion is Important in Workplace – Infographic

Implementing diversity and inclusion in the workplace is not just a trend – it has tangible and direct benefits. Organisations with greater workplace diversity are considered to outperform their competitors and gain higher profits!

What is diversity in the workplace?

It means a company employs people with different characteristics, age, religion, gender, cultural background, religion, education, language, race, abilities, education, languages, etc.

What is inclusion in the workplace?

It means an employer must value, hear and empower every single person in the work so they can feel a true sense of belonging.

10 key benefits of diversity and inclusion policy in the workplace

  • Diversity and inclusion in the workplace increase creativity.
  • Diversity and inclusion policy leads to higher innovation rate.
  • An organisation with the policy has the potential to solve problems faster.
  • Workplace diversity and inclusion policy lead to better decision making results.
  • Workplace diversity and inclusion leads to higher employee engagement.
  • An employer with the diversity and inclusion feature in a workplace is beneficial for employee retention.
  • Diversity and inclusion in a workplace boost the company’s reputation and brand.
  • Workplace diversity and inclusion leads to better hiring results.
  • The policy also leads to reduced employee turnover.
  • Organisations with better workplace diversity achieve leads to increased profits.

In a nutshell, employees have the right to complain against their employer if they (employers) don’t implement the diversity and inclusion policy with the workplace.