What Constitutes Gross Misconduct in The Workplace - Infographic

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What Constitutes Gross Misconduct in The Workplace – Infographic

Gross Misconduct in the Workplace

There are certain actions or behaviors that are totally unacceptable in a workplace which will result in an immediate sack without any prior notice or warning. These actions or behaviors are referred to as GROSS MISCONDUCT. There are rules and regulations established in all forms of workplace which not only protect the integrity of the workplace, it also ensures mutual respect, peaceful co-habitation and protection of both employees and employers. Any conduct which seems to disrupt, tarnish or destroy the peace and order in the workplace is classed as ‘Gross Misconduct’. Many people have fallen victims to men and women who either have or are presently preying on the ignorance of majority of people who fear the social backlash or possible repercussion of reporting behaviors or speech which tread on the line of unacceptable behavious in the workplace.

Imagine coming to work every day fearing for your life because a colleague either harasses you due to drug or alcohol intoxication or based on his complete disregard for safety and health regulations established in the workplace. There are more than a thousand examples of gross misconduct at workplace plus more which no longer falls into the category of a warning or strike.