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What happens once I submit my case to the Employment Tribunal?

Submitting your claim

Once your claim is submitted (ET1 claim form),  the Respondent is formally advised of the details of your claim and then has 28 days to submit their defence to your claim (ET3 Response).

Preliminary Hearing

Once their defence has been received, a Preliminary Hearing will normally be scheduled.
During Preliminary Hearings (which often take place by telephone) the Judge will ask the parties to clarify the issues and will give further directions in order that the parties can prepare the matter for the Final Hearing.

Schedule of loss

The Tribunal will normally require the Claimant to produce a Schedule of Loss. The parties then exchange all relevant documentation which will then be put into a joint Bundle of Documents referred to by both parties at the Final Hearing.

Exchanging Witness Statements

Finally, before the Final Hearing, the parties will be required to prepare and simultaneously exchange Witness Statements.

Final Hearing

The Final Hearing will take place at the stipulated Employment Tribunal and, in essence, the various witnesses will be questioned by the respective legal representatives and by the Judge or Panel, on their evidence, before a final decision is reached.

Further details on the Employment Tribunal process

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