Your Guide to ‘No Win No Fee’ Employment Solicitors - Infographic

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Your Guide to ‘No Win No Fee’ Employment Solicitors – Infographic

The main advantage of having an employment solicitor in your corner is that you have the ability to maximise your compensation payout.

Furthermore, if you are working with No Win No Fee solicitors, you can be sure that the various costs, expenses, and damages of your claim, will all be accounted for. With a reputable employment solicitor, you may be able to claim compensation for the following:

  • Wrongful dismissals;
  • General damages (these are intended to compensate you for the suffering, pain, and harassment you experienced at the hands of your employer or colleagues);
  • Special damages (these are designed to compensate for more esoteric costs, like loss of reputation or other financial losses that may have occurred because of wrongful termination of employment).

Overall, with No Win No Fee’ claims, you don’t have to be concerned about the integrity and honesty of the solicitor. Having said that, such claims give extra motivation to the solicitors to work harder because if they lose, they won’t be able to recover their fees.

On the other hand, you can save on any extra charges that you would have otherwise paid to the solicitor for initial consultations.

Guide to No Win No Fee Employment Law Solicitors