Equal Pay – Do Women Ask?

September 2016 has seen the publication of a research paper by Warwick University entitled “Do Women Ask?”  It attempts to explore one of the possible explanations for the failure of the gender pay gap to disappear or even narrow despite 40 years having passed since the Equal Pay Act hit the statute books.  It considers … Read more

Sevacare sued by care workers over minimum wage

Council contractor, Sevacare, is being sued in the employment tribunal over the failure to pay its care workers minimum wage. Employees working for Sevacare, in Haringey, are claiming that they should also be paid for the hours that the company deem as off duty, bringing their hourly rate down to £3.27 per hour, less than half the legal … Read more

Leading businesses join together to fight pregnancy discrimination

Several of the UK’s largest firms have joined forces to stand up and fight against pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. Companies, including BT Group and the Royal Mail, are among several companies who strongly believe that pregnancy discrimination at work should be eradicated. According to the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the … Read more