Whistle-Blowing Claims: What is meant by “in the public interest?”

As of 2013 (the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013) Claimants in whistle-blowing claims have to establish that the public interest disclosure that they rely upon was made “in the public interest”. A recent Court of Appeal decision, Chesterton Global Limited & Another v Nurmohamed & Another [2007 EWCA Civ 979] has provided some additional insights … Read more

Ramadan: A Guide for Employers

Ramadan is a worldwide month of fasting observed by Muslims in the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. Ramadan will next fall on the 16th May 2018 until the 14th June 2018.      Muslims avoid eating or drinking liquids between daybreak and sunset. There are exceptions for the ill, diabetics, breastfeeding mothers and other groups … Read more

Social Media Dismissals

Dismissals arising out of social media posts Never before have the boundaries between work and home been so blurred. Where once disgruntled employees poured their woes out to each other in the pub after work they now take to social media to air their grievances. As a result social media dismissals have become far more … Read more

Detriment Claims – What are they?

If you have suffered a detriment at work, you may be able to claim against your employer in the employment tribunal. A detriment at work is when an employee is treated in an unfair manner by the employer but that does not go as far as to dismiss the employee. An example of this could … Read more

CCTV at work: What are the legalities?

What are the legal implications of using CCTV in the workplace? According to recent research, the average person is estimated to be caught on CCTV surveillance systems up to 70 times per day. This can be far higher for those living in the capital. A fair chunk of this footage is usually caught at a … Read more

Redundancy could be banned to new mothers

A recent report by the Women and Equalities Committee, is calling for better protection from discrimination for new mothers. If new proposals go ahead, pregnant women and new mothers may be given better protection from redundancy at work. Following a report published by the Women and Equalities Committee, earlier this year, a redundancy ban for … Read more

UK Employment Law for Overseas Workers

Do UK Employment Tribunals have the jurisdiction to hear claims from overseas workers working for a British company? In the United Kingdom, workers seeking to enforce their employment rights are entitled to take their employers to employment tribunals. Some workers find it difficult to prove that they are entitled to bring their claims to British employment … Read more

Equal Pay – Do Women Ask?

September 2016 has seen the publication of a research paper by Warwick University entitled “Do Women Ask?”  It attempts to explore one of the possible explanations for the failure of the gender pay gap to disappear or even narrow despite 40 years having passed since the Equal Pay Act hit the statute books.  It considers … Read more