Whistleblowing for Employees in the United Kingdom - Infographic

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Whistleblowing for Employees in the United Kingdom – Infographic

Is there really a difference between a whistleblower and a snitch? The line separating the two seems to get blurry as the days go by. While a snitch probably discloses information to save/ protect himself from repercussion, a whistleblower does so for the greater good. It is sad thing today that a negative connotation is linked to the word ‘whistleblower’. Whistleblowers see wrong and speak up immediately. Surely this should not be a crime. Gone are the days where standing up to injustice was just the same as whistleblowing, now a whistleblower is punished and in certain scenarios they are fired or have their employment terminated.

There is nothing worse than self-preservation when it comes from a fraud or someone who would happily let others drown in order to preserve himself. Sadly, it is at the hands of these individuals that a lot of whistleblowers have fallen prey to.

Whistleblowers are modern day James Bond (007) agents that are astute to the wrongdoings going on in the workplace and should in actual fact be encouraged and welcomed rather than be made a scapegoat while the culprit gets away with it. Such treatments towards whistleblowers in actual fact stimulates the rapid growth individuals with devilish motives hell-bent on creating havoc in the workplace.