What to do if you don't Receive your Maternity Rights #KnowYourRights

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What to do if you don’t Receive your Maternity Rights #KnowYourRights

Parenthood is one of the most exciting phases in our lives. It changes the outlook and priority of life and offers a fresh perspective. Women go through various physical and emotional changes during pregnancy. It can be one of the happiest, and sometimes, stressful periods of her life. This stress is amplified for working women who juggle their household, office and the changes within them. Every woman needs additional help during this time in their professional and personal lives. Maternity Rights states that the companies should be considerate to pregnant women and offer them paid time-offs during this period. Maternal discrimination is a common issue faced by women.

Know your maternity rights

It is mandatory for all companies to have a compliant maternity policy for the benefit of their employees. The primary step in understanding the system is to know your employers maternity policies. Employees need to contact their line manager or human resources manager for clarifications on their employers maternity policy. You can ask for the latest version while planning for pregnancy or immediately after you find out to avoid unnecessary stress. This knowledge is the key when ensuring you receive your maternity rights and escalating it if there are any issues.

Talk to your Department Head

Most complaints are resolved by discussion, and it is encouraged in an office environment. It is vital to talk with your immediate superior regarding the concerns faced during your maternity. Sometimes, certain problems arise due to ignorance, and it will be resolved at this stage. The employee can also discuss the concerns with the union representative, line manager or HR representative. Having a valid reason supporting the claim or concern is essential. This discussion can happen in person or through a letter.

File an Official Complaint

If the discussion does not offer the desired results, then it is time to file an official complaint. The complaint can be filed through the grievance protocol. This protocol will be available in company website or welcome kit. Submitting the necessary evidence along with the concerns faced is essential. The company will usually take about a week to conduct an official investigation and decide on a course of action. There are various grounds on which the complaint can be filed, and the exact details are vital in the grievance letter.

Contact an employment lawyer

Every pregnant woman is entitled to her share of paid leaves and permissions. The company cannot stop or delay increments or promotions because of pregnancy. The women should be given an equal opportunity like every other employee in the company. If there is any direct or indirect discrimination during this period, then the women can raise a complaint against a concerned colleague or team leader. However, it is advisable to provide adequate notice regarding the leave of absence or permission except for emergencies. This will help the management to make necessary arrangements for project completion. In case of further queries, call our experts for guidance.

In some instances, the issue is not resolved in the workplace. This can be due to the unsatisfactory decision taken by the company, lack of proper evidence and unfair treatment. Our representatives can be contacted by email or through our website. We analyse the nature of the issue and offer the right guidance to handle the situation.

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