What can my Employer do to get the best out of me?

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What can my Employer do to get the best out of me?

Performance is the primary determinant which defines the quality of the employee. It is a vital aspect for both the employee and the employers. All companies render a sharp focus on the results for their betterment. It is also critical for the staff to understand their key strengths and improve their professional knowledge. Every company has its own unique strategy to motivate their employees to achieve their best outcome. However, there is a thin grey line which separates those that work and those that don’t.

Define the expectations

Every company is required to provide a job description when they hire for a position. The introduction to the company generally includes a copy of this document. Ideally, it should be discussed at the interview stage to understand the employee’s strength. A fair percentage of performance issues arise due to confusion in the expectation. The team leader and the human resource department should clearly define the targets and milestones at the time of employment. An employee has the right to ask for a detailed job description. The company can make a slight modification to this profile and add specific responsibilities. However, they cannot completely change the job profile without discussing it with the employee.

Conduct regular meetings

No job is perfect, and at some point most employees feel overwhelmed on a occasion. It is essential for the human resources and employee welfare team to conduct regular sessions. This will help them to understand the various issues faced by the staff. It is also vital to convoy training sessions on professional skill development and work ethics. Companies often have a dedicated human resources team to take care of the employee queries and requirements. If the company does not conduct these meetings, then the staff can take up with the concerned authority. These meetings play a vital role in boosting employee morale.

Address the issues

All companies should have a properly structured grievance policy for the benefit of the employees. This policy should be displayed on the company website and also shared with the staff along with the induction manual and settlement agreement. The management team should always be open-minded while handling employee complaints. This addressal plays a crucial role in the overall morale. If the team leader or human resource team do not professionally address the issue, the employee can raise a formal complaint. It is the responsibility of the organisation to ensure a secure and healthy work environment for its staff.

Acknowledge the achievements

Everyone deserves recognition for their efforts. It can be in the form of increments, promotions or settlement agreements. All companies have a different evaluation process to appraise the performance. If the management team does not provide raises in the stipulated time, then the employee can raise a complaint. This can be through informal or formal complaint management systems.

All companies have their strategy to motivate their employees to perform better and improve their overall market share. These strategies should build the team spirit, enhance performance and aid the professional development of the individual. However, these techniques should not disrupt or hurt the employees in any way. If there is an opposition of interest, the staff can address it with their line managers or HR team. If not resolved, feel free to contact our organisation for guidance and support.

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