All you need to know about Racial Discrimination - Infographic

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All you need to know about Racial Discrimination – Infographic

Racial discrimination is when a person of a particular race is treated less favourably than another person of a different race in a similar situation. This type of discrimination can be based on colour, descent, nationality, ethnic origin or immigrant status.

Types of Racial Discrimination

There are two types of racial discrimination:

Direct discrimination

This is referred to as a situation where one person is treated differently than the other on clear grounds. For instance, hiring a less qualified employee for your organisation because someone else more qualified belongs to a different race.

Indirect discrimination

A situation where the employer puts conditions on the job which may be deemed as rules but may be unfavourable to a class of people. For example, not allowing people to wear head gear or hats during work hours may be hampering religious beliefs of some people and hence can be categorised as an indirect discrimination.

What does the law say?

The Equality Act passed in 2010 protects people from discrimination of any sort not just at workplace, but in society as a whole. As per the act, race does not only mean your colour or nationality but also your ethnicity.


The year 2016-17 recorded over 80,000 cases of racial discrimination.

If you think you or someone you know is being discriminated on the basis of their race, you can reach your nearest employment law solicitor to ask for advice.

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