AI Study Reveals Massive Gender Bias in UK Workplace

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AI Study Reveals Massive Gender Bias in UK Workplace

Research by an Artificial intelligence system analysed the role of men and women in UK workplaces. It found there was a massive gender bias in the workplace. This study was conducted by AI engineers and data scientists at Glass A. I. Their technology read and interpreted every available website on the internet and compiled information pertaining to employment practices in the UK.

Royal Statistical Society published this study which revealed a huge difference between gender work roles with a wide segregation in some economic sectors. It was found that over 95% receptionists, care assistants and legal secretaries were females while around 85% investments bankers were males. The creative industries too remained dominated by males.

Even though both genders are equally likely to participate in the workforces, men still remain much more likely to be found in leadership roles in most sectors.

Key Findings

  • About 82% CEOS. 92% chairpersons and around 73% of directors in organisations are males which the data already highlighted by previous researches.
  • Out of 108 economic sectors that were examined. Around 87% were male biased and dominated. Investment banking ranked highest with 85% male domination.
  • Civil engineering, gas and oil industry remains dominated by males with only 20% of women in these sectors.
  • Media, music, internet, photography and other creative industries too remain male dominated sectors.
  • There are also female dominating sectors highlighted which were veterinary science, primary and secondary education with 70-80% females working in these sectors.

Male bias in boardrooms is well documented, but the sheer scale of the bias even in ordinary jobs is surprising and unacceptable. Men and women both appear to be in equal numbers on the web with around 49% females and 51% males and yet there is such high gender bias in different economic sectors.

The Glass AI had set its crawler to study the entire UK top level domains for not just public but also private organisations. Websites which were written in English were analysed. These websites all had UK physical addresses and had some description of organisations which AI could recognise and has people through biographies, roles, descriptions and team pages.

The company even went to the extent of building a technology to monitor the whole internet world for analysis of social and economic science in organisations.

The UK government has already been using the same technology to map the AI ecosystem of UK and to bring up economic studies for drones, virtual reality and many other emerging economy sectors. AI accurately assessed the gender roles in UK businesses as presented on their websites.

The study performed by AI is a clear reminder that organisations and businesses must step up and change if the issue of gender bias has to be addressed in workplaces.

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